One Control Panel

Manage dns & servers across multiple providers

Quickly Setup Servers

Ready to deploy your apps to in a few minutes, with secure ssh access and fully configured firewall. 

Deploy Your Apps

Many languages supported with a simple git push

One Click Services

Link a range of databases, lets encrypt and other dokku powered plugins that can be managed through our simple interface

Deploy Your Code to Your Servers

We provision your servers so you can deploy your code with a simple git push. Providing tools to help you manage your apps, domains, databases and backups across multiple servers. We charge a small monthly fee per managed server, but you’re free to disconnect and self manage at any time.

Some of Our Features

Push To Deploy

Deploying your apps is as simple as adding a new remote to your git repositories and pushing to your servers. Because we install the open source library Dokku on your server its all configured to receive, build and run your apps with zero downtime deploys.

One Platform Any Language

Using Docker containers we’re able to support many runtimes including Node, PHP, Python, Ruby, Go, Java to name but a few. If it can run on Docker it can be deployed and managed with GitPushLive.

One Click Setup

We integrate with numerous server hosts, including Akamai, Digital Ocean, Hetzner and more. With a single click we configure your server, setting everything up to run your apps in an environment you control. You can even manually link servers not directly support by installing a provided ssh key.

No Lock In

We provide an excellent control panel to help you deploy and manage your apps. But if you ever want to move away, your servers are all yours. Just disconnect GitPushLive from your servers and you can carry on managing your apps manually.

Popular Databases

Dokku comes with plugins for many popular databases. GitPushLive can talk to these plugins to help you set up new database instances, link them to your apps and even schedule backups.

Backup Scheduling

Each server setup comes with mechanism for backing up databases and file volumes regularly to Amazon S3. GitPushLive allows you to configure this. We also log each successful backup so you can check everything is there if the worst happens.


We give you the tools required to share your servers with other GitPushLive users. They can then manage your apps, or even deploy code if you choose to add their ssh keys to your servers.

Server Monitoring

We configure your servers to ping gitpush every minute with memory, cpu, and disk status. We display this as real time information on your server list so you can spot any issues before they become a problem. We also give you graphed data of the last 24hrs so you can get a better understanding of how your servers have been behaving.

Updates & Security

We configure your servers so security updates are installed automatically. We setup a secure firewall and disable password logins, ensuring you and your team login via secure ssh keys, managed via our simple control panel.

Domain Management

We connect to the DNS Apis for our various supported server providers. This allows you to manage your domains and configure them to serve your apps. Because we have access to all your server IP addresses we’re able to help you auto-complete the correct details, so no need to copy and paste.

Everything in One Place

Managing multiple apps across multiple servers can be time-consuming and difficult to manage. GitPushLive simplifies this by putting everything in one place. DNS, Server Setup, App Management, Backups and Monitoring all from a single login.

Mobile Friendly

Being alerted a site is down can be frustrating if you’re out and about. GitPushLive puts a control panel in your pocket allowing your to rebuild and restart apps, databases and servers like you were sat in front of your workstation.

Want to know more ?

We’re currently finalising many of the details of this product before we launch later this year.
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